Project Overview

Greenpacha is a local hat company that is 100% handwoven in Ecuador. The straw comes from a palm that only grows in Ecuador, specifically on the coast. It is know as Carludovica Palmata or Toquilla Palm. The methods the craftsmen and women are using have been passed down for centuries within their culture. 

The time it takes to create, the skill of the weaver and the quantity of knots in a square centimeter determines the grade of the hat. The higher the grade, the more expensive and rare the hat is. The straw is dyed with special, nontoxic pigment yielding a variety of color. 

We were tasked with the objective to create strong visuals for Greenpacha's website. By combining the right amount of light and negative space, the viewer's attention is on the details of the hand woven patterns within each hat. We utilized as much natural light in the production, to ensure an authentic representation of the color tones of the natural dyed straw. 





Emailer Design and Copy


Photo Campaigns

Greenpacha & Pardo Hats - Editorial Fashion Photoshoot Campaign

Greenpacha - Lifestyle Photoshoot Campaign

Owl House Creative - Greenpacha lifestyle photo campaign

Product Photo Shoot For Website