Owl House Creative, Encinitas based Digital Advertising, Marketing and Branding Collective

We develop brand identities, digital platforms and branded content to define brand culture.


Sean Stahl | Founder, Strategist

Natural world enthusiast. Brand development strategist, marketing, videographer, brand photographer and copyrighter who finds passion in helping brands fit their niche.



Nikelle Lovaas | Art Director

Travel photographer, videographer, blogger, artist, social strategist and designer. Inspired
by the nuances of the natural
world and wonders of the outdoors.



Isaac Mitchell | Creative Director

Traveler and adventurer with a deep love for the arts and variety. Graphic designer, illustrator, fine artist, typographer and  photographer. Forever enamored with the natural world. 






Social Media Strategy
Management / Analytics
Social Campaigns
Web Advertising


Brand Identity
Design / Visual Language
Product / Packaging
Web Development


Photography / Video
Message / Copywriting
Advertising / Campaigns
Brand Collateral



Memorable work is designed in collaboration, with a shared vision. We partner with brands that share our passion for positivity and a shared moral ethic.

Our creative style celebrates Nature. Our time spent behind a computer is only possible because of the endless inspiration we soak up exploring the outdoors on our off hours.

The industry's we strive to work with encompass sustainability, conscious consumerism, positive lifestyle and the outdoors.